Fellowship and scholarship

(The program of fellowship is sospended)

The Fondo Anglesio Moroni offers scholarships and financial contributions to participate to work meetings, conferences, short courses, academic programmes, study and research programmes.

Medical doctors, researchers, technicians, nurses and other professionals working in the field of oncology, and in particular of cancer epidemiology, are eligible for scholarships and contributions. Candidates are not subjected to age and nationality restrictions.

Scholarships and contributions may also constitute a partial funding source in addition to other resources the candidate may find.

Applications can be submitted anytime. Applications are evaluated under the supervision of the Fondo Anglesio Moroni Board of Directors (supported by the Scientific Committee and its experts) and a reply on the decision taken is given within 6 weeks from receiving an application.

Besides compiling the application form, sending a cover letter and enclosing all the supporting documents, candidates may add further documentation that they believe relevant to the application. The Fondo may request further documentation. All documentation must be submitted electronically.

The payment of scholarships and contributions will be performed within a reasonable timeframe in relation to the event applied for, usually before the beginning of the specific event.

Scholarships and contributions are granted to support the training requirements of candidates, and do not imply any responsibility for the Fondo Anglesio Moroni. If scholarships and contributions are awarded in support of a trip outside the candidates’ country of residence, these undertake a commitment to return to their country of residency once complete the programme.

The Fondo Anglesio Moroni declines any responsibility whatsoever in case of accident, while successful candidates avail of the scholarships and contributions, and does not establish any relationships whatsoever with the candidates Institutions of origin and destination. The Fondo Anglesio Moroni assumes that the beneficiaries will acquire an insurance policy suitable to cover them in the circumstances under which they will make use of the scholarships or contributions.

In case of an award of a scholarship or contribution, candidates must send a Letter of Acceptance of these conditions, and must commit themselves to mention the funding source in appropriate circumstance and in oral presentations, scientific articles, publications, theses, curriculum vitae, etc.)

Within a month from the end of their stay the beneficiaries will send a short (1 page) report on the work performed, enclosing supporting material.

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